CD:Cure adds some new mechanics do the game,displayed in the screen,
like in the the picture on the side:

The red square shows the new HUD CD:Cure adds, showing:

1st Line: NameEdit

Shows the name of the player

2nd Line: Players KilledEdit

Shows how many Players you have killed 

3rd Line: Zombies KilledEdit

Shows how many Zombies you have killed

4th Line: WaterEdit


Shows your thirst: Your thirst, with the time, will slowly decrease, and when it is at 0% you will start to take damage. To recover your thirst, you have to drink some liquids. They are: Water Bottles, Soda Cans (Red and Green), Iced Tea, Juice Pouches and Water Canteens. When you drink them, they don't disappear, but recover your thirst and get "empty". With the exception of the Water Canteen (You can fill it by pressing the right button of your mouse on a water block), all them are useless when empty.

5th Line: BloodEdit


Shows your blood: When you take damage, you lose some blood, and if your blood reach 0%, you will start to take damage. Also, when you take damage from Zombies, you can start bleeding, slowly losing blood. You can recover your blood by using Blood bag (that gets empty after you use), and stop bleeding by using a Bandage (disappears after use).


6th Line: HumanityEdit

Shows your Humanity: When you kill Zombies, your humanity raises. When you kill players, your humanity decreases. You can obtain armor kits by accumulating Humanity.

7th Line: FireModeEdit

Shows the Fire Mode of the Gun you holds.

Other MechanicsEdit

There some other things that aren't displayed is the HUD, like:

Breakage of bonesEdit

If you fall from a high alltitude, you will break your leg, receiving Blindness in the impact, and Infite Slowness. To heal your leg, you have to use a Morphine.





The mod adds a new healing item, the Med-Pack. Acting like Healing Potions, it have 5 uses and heal half a heart each use (1 life).  

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