Welcome to the CraftingDead Cure WikiEdit

Here you can find the information you need when playing the modpack Crafting Dead:Cure. If you want to help the wiki and see something missing/wrong, you can add/correct it, but don't use ofensive words and write about the mod, and not about other things.             

The Mod                Edit

The mod adds Melee Weapons, Guns, Zombies, Backpacks, Strucutres, A new system with Humanity (Tell how much Zombies you killed), Thirst (Drinking certain liquids recover your Thirst), Blood (If an Zombie hits you, you'll loose some blood and you can start Bleeding, what only stops with the use of a bandage), Breakage of bones (If you fall from a high altittude, you will break your leg and will walk slowly) and much more.                                                                                                        

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